about DBT of Texas


Our Mission is to provide competent, structured and scientifically valid treatments to individuals with complex and therapy resistant mental health disorders. To utilize our knowledge, insight and continuous review of research to give our patients current, compassionate and effective mental health care.

Our Vision is that every Texan suffering from complex and severe mental health challenges has access to scientifically legitimate treatment.

DBT of Texas treats a variety of patients ranging from adjustment disorders to long-standing and difficult to treat mood disorders. Patients may or may not be assigned to DBT therapy depending on their challenges, ability to commit to DBT, and the resources available at DBT of Texas.


Dr. Laura Cooper is the first licensed psychologist to be intensively trained in North Texas. She provides comprehensive psychological assessment and testing for patients. Testing helps ensure a more accurate diagnosis and results in the most beneficial treatment for the most complex and complicated cases.

Dr. Laura Cooper believes that individuals enter psychotherapy due to longstanding behavioral maladjustment, psychopathology, relational crises, or out of an intense desire for personal growth. She began DBT of Texas with the mindset that the therapeutic relationship is the most important instrument for creating positive and healthy change.

Dr. Cooper approaches psychotherapy with the perspective that it is an interactive, emotional, intuitive, and imaginative process of sustained attention to each patient’s unique character and circumstances. Patients have the opportunity to move beyond clinical description and diagnosis of symptoms, to an understanding of their own core mindfulness to create a new inner balance between passion, duty, spirituality, and individual wholeness.

Our goal at DBT of Texas is to assist you in gaining better self-understanding and constructing a life worth celebrating.


Dr. Laura Cooper first began her career in law enforcement and adult corrections for over eight years. Around the same time, she founded Cooper Power Fitness and was a strength and conditioning coach for athletes in the Midwest during her early adult years. In addition to law enforcement, she worked in Corporate America for eleven years as a Corporate Litigation Manager. During this time, she completed practicum rotations at Turtle Creek Manor and Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, Texas.

Following her practicum rotations, Dr. Cooper completed an APICC accredited internship at Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center in Granbury, TX, as well as her postdoctoral training at Enrichment Counseling and Assessment in Dallas, Texas. In addition, Dr. Cooper taught as an adjunct forensic psychology professor at Argosy University and an adjunct psychology professor at South University.

Dr. Cooper has also worked as a rehabilitation specialist for Vericare in the North Texas Region for over three years.  She is also a primary partner of Uptown Analytic Practices, LLC and owner of Laura J. Cooper, PsyD PLLC. She developed DBT of Texas after completing two years and over 300 hours of DBT intensive training from The Linehan Institute, Behavioral Tech, LLC. Dr. Cooper completed intensive Prolonged Exposure DBT treatment in 2015.


Dr. Cooper obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa.  She has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Nebraska in Omaha, and also obtained her Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Cooper has completed parenting coordinating and facilitation training, and assists parents in need of limited mediation concerning parenting agreements and planning. In addition, she has several hours of specialized forensic training concerning child custody evaluations and fitness for duty examinations for police officers, security guards, correctional staff and private airplane pilots.

Dr. Cooper completed a two-year intensive training program in Dialectical Behavior Therapy from The Linehan Institute Behavioral Tech, LLC and is currently participating in a DBT consultation team on a weekly basis.  In order to treat victims of trauma and veterans of war she completed her PE-DBT intensive training from M. Harned, PhD, in 2015.