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what is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a form of empirically supported behavioral treatment that is astonishingly effective at helping people manage overwhelming emotions and terminate self-destructive behavior.

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Start building a life that fulfills you. Terminate roadblocks through behavioral changes and reach your full potential. We are confident in our treatment and your ability to heal using DBT techniques.

Children & Adolescents


Children are society’s most valuable resource. We help them develop the skills to meet the difficult demands of growing up. Youth that complete our program leave competent, responsible and independent young adults.



Couples counseling helps bring awareness to intimate emotions, allowing you to work through the difficulties of communication and understanding patterns of conflict in your relationship and how to resolve them.

Parents, Partners & Families


Family members, partners and friends are often the foundation of life. Our goal is support families of our patients and increase their understanding and effectiveness to work through difficult and complex family situations.



Treatment is not a shot in the dark. Assessment is necessary to identify the complexity of each individual’s needs. Our goal is to utilized scientifically proven methods and properly target areas of weakness. Good treatment plans require adequate assessment.

Trauma & PTSD


Don’t let past trauma hamper your ability to live. Through prolonged exposure therapy you can move beyond the crippling symptoms of trauma and take control of your future.


It is imperative to seek proper diagnosis whether you are searching for the very first time, or if you suspect you have been misdiagnosed. We identify symptoms as they relate to your biology, environment, temperament and learning.

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